Meiji Japan

Topics: Japan, Meiji period, Samurai Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Meiji japan
The meiji restoration was a chain of events that restored imperial rule to japan in 1868. The restoration and the end of the tokugawa shogun restored imperial rule over japan and brought about huge changes in japans political and social structure. The end of the tokugaua shogunate led to the country being reopened. This ment japan was open to the outside world and was quick to modernise. The new government led by emperor meiji and lower rank samari. The modernisation of japan led to changes in things such as education. Realising that education would be important in modernising the japan economy and that it would also lead to a better government. The meiji rulers set up a education system based on both the French and American systems. Education for both sexes was made compulsory and by 1905 95% of all Japanese children were receiving at least three years education. In order to truly modernise Japanese society and to gain acceptance of the western powers, the government remodelled the legal system. A complete code of law went into effect and a modern mint was established. A new currency was introduced with the yen as the basic unit. The government also set up a new banking system based on the American model. The leaders then turned their attention to a political reform. They believed that a growing society needed a modern constitution. The constitution was a gift to the people. A new parliament was created consisting of two houses. In order to maintain japans independence and to be able to meet the western powers on equal terms the meiji leaders launched a rapid course of industrialisation. There was a huge demand from the government for industrial mainly for the military. The meiji government gave financial aid and privileges to entrepreneurs who had potential to build up industrial enterprises. The government made a move to industrialise the economy concentrating on heavy industry, transport and communications. The major restoration was causing...
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