Meijer Remarkable Program

Topics: Leadership, Meijer, A Great Way to Care Pages: 9 (2954 words) Published: July 12, 2010
By. LaRon Ballard
Store 165
Merrillville, IN

In order to continue to be a successful supercenter in today’s age, Meijer must make sure that its team members work to the best of their abilities. Team members are the people that have made Meijer the company that it has become today, and will be the people who will continue to help Meijer grow into the future. In order to put more emphasis and appreciation into the job in which is bestowed upon team members, Meijer has come up with a program to ensure that both emphasis and appreciation of the job is being met. This program is known as the Remarkable Program.

A man by the name of Fred Meijer once said, “A manager’s job is not to prove how smart he or she is. It’s to bring the best out of our associates. Treat them with human dignity”. I personally believe that this is the reasoning behind the remarkable program. The Remarkable Program was started to recognize team members for doing an exceptional job for Meijer and its customers. It was also implemented to improve store environment, as well as improve communication between leadership and team members. The idea is that team members and team leaders receive a “You are Remarkable” card and get 4 signatures from team leaders to fill the card. The only way team members receive a signature is when a person in a leadership position i.e. Store Directors, Line Leaders, Team leaders see the member doing something “above and beyond”. Once team members get 4 signatures, they enter their card into a fishbowl which is used for a drawing at the end of the period for a chance to win either by a drawing or most cards for the period. Both winners will receive a $20 gift card. A photo is also taken of the winners and posted on the wall in the backroom by the break rooms for everyone to see. Though this seems like a great idea on paper, some things can be revised to enhance the potential of the Remarkable Program.

In order to get a better grasp of enhancing the remarkable program, I conducted my own survey. This survey asked certain questions pertaining to the remarkable program such as “How do you feel about the Remarkable Program?” I also looked at team member feedback on the remarkable portal page to see what the main issues are. Here are some comments from the survey and the portal page regarding how team members feel about the program: * “Not consistently utilized. Very often associates go out of their way to assist guest – yet are not recognized,” 2 ½ yr Team Member (survey) * “It’s a good program, as a Team Leader I don’t get mine signed a lot,” 11yr Team Leader (survey) * “The program is very well thought out, but TL tell you don’t throw that card in my face all the time,” 11yr Team Member (survey) * “Seems like all comments I receive are on what I didn’t do not what I did do,” 3yr Team Leader (survey) * “Do not understand the program” 2 ¾ yr Team Member (survey) * “I feel this program is unfair. I am always stopping my planograms to help guest and I never see a team leader around to see me do a good deed,” Anonymous Team Member (Portal page) * “With the lack of team leaders actually present in the store it is hard for team members to get recognized. Only twice have I actually been stopped and had my card signed. Many other team members feel the same way. We are remarkable each and everyday, but few Team Leaders will actually stop to tell you so.” Anonymous Team Member (Portal page) The consensus that I got from reviewing the portal page and survey comments is that leadership does not always see the Remarkable things that team members do. This is a common and understandable issue that could be at Meijer stores because individuals who hold leadership positions are very busy with their own job responsibilities. With leadership being busy, it is nearly impossible for them to be everywhere in the store at any given moment to observe what a team member has done that is considered...
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