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Research Action Plan
Research Action Plan

Litter at Mehi River

The Issue
When I was given the task of the research action plan, I knew I needed to do it on an area of my interest. I am a man of the nature and I love the wildlife. Ever since when I was a kid, I wanted to learn about different animals and their habitats. The Mehi River is a valuable river that runs through the town of Moree, it diverts from the Gwydir River, about 21 km east of Moree. From there the river flows generally west, through our town and then generally westwards to join the Barwon River about 11km northeast of Collarenebri. It’s a popular fishing place and its banks make great camping sites. Since European settlement, people have abused their privileges by littering on the banks of the river, causing harm to wildlife and polluting the environment. People don’t realise what they leave on the river banks could easily fall into the river and be carried out to other locations, harming wildlife elsewhere as well as local marine life. The people of Moree need to be more aware of the situation and take some action. So when the opportunity arose, I took the chance to do my RAP on the waste polluting the Mehi River, because I know that the Mehi is a vital part of our ecosystem and I know that rivers are an important habitat for many animals. It is also a connection between us and the rest of the marine world. In the research action plan I will be assessing how bad the littering is and then trying to come up with some solutions to fix this. The sites that I will be doing this research on are both in town. One is near the weir, and the other one is further up towards the RSL club. The reason why I chose these two locations are because I know they are both very popular fishing spots, and that people often go for strolls there. Before I start this RAP I needed to ask a few focus questions, which will hopefully be answered in my report later on. On the next page are some questions and some details about the RAP.

The Plan
Focus Questions:
* How can we keep the river bank clean?
* How will I gather my information?
* What questions do I need to ask?
* Who will I ask these questions and when?
* What effects could rubbish have on the river ecosystem? * What are some strategies we can implement to prevent this? * What types of rubbish are there?
* Survey
* Tally
* Internet research
* The aim of this investigation is to gain awareness of the nature of general waste, to educate the general public about waste management and examine the litter situation of the Mehi River, which hopefully will result in reducing waste near our river banks. Primary:

* Surveys
* Tallies
* Photos
* Internet: I will be visiting the local council website and any other website that will help me with the research. * Books
Team Members:
* Yang Cheng: Researcher, survey writer, survey distributor. * Ethan Collins: Tallier.
I will be presenting my information, findings and results in a document form with graphs and pictures that I took.

Waste Management Survey – Mehi
1. How would you rate the cleanliness of the Mehi river banks? One being the least clean and five being the most.

1 2 3 4 5
2. Do you litter near the river, or anywhere for that matter?


3. If a strategy was implemented to fix this issue, what area do you think that this strategy should be focused on?

a)Education through our schools and community.
b)Getting rid of plastic bags and use biodegradable bags or paper bags. c)Urging the council to place down more bins on our river banks. d)All of the above.
e)There shouldn’t be a strategy.
f) Others (please specify).


4. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

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