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352425-733425Atmospheric Destruction
00Atmospheric Destruction

Megacities these are cities in the world known to have a large amount of people and pollution who would imagine a city full of air, land, water and noise pollution due to the people around it and if we don’t stop this God knows how long we have in this Earth before we’re all fried by the sun due to global warming. One of the major causes of global warming is air pollution and in this essay we are going to find out the megacities that are affected by megacities and they can improve. Air pollution this is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Car discharges, chemicals from factories, dust, and pollen and mold bacteria may be part of this. Ozone this gas may be good or bad depending on where it is. ‘Good’ ozone happens naturally 10 to 30 miles from the Earth’s surface and is protecting us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays while ‘Bad’ ozone is a gas that comes from the ground it happens when discharges from the car, factories. 3848100751522500New York City:Air pollution in New York is a significant environmental threat that contributes to an estimated value of 6% of annual death. Vehicles these are one if the major sources of this wonderful city. Vehicles these are public transportation, explains the large amount of smog, soot, and at times greenhouses gases may be a problem though they don’t come from cars. Each of these gases cause environmental and personal problems like respiratory distress, circulatory problems and global warming. Air pollution can be reduced in 0000 many ways but the most common ways and easiest that are done by people most of the times are by driving less and instead of driving they walk, they ride bikes, and public transportation or carpool. But what New York is trying to do is to embrace an Air Quality Awareness Program that would help to get the word out this program is supported by a non-profit and private that has organizations that have activities to...

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