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Megacities, one of the effects of population growth and demography worldwide

Population around the world is growing constantly. Every day, babies are born around the world. However, not all of them equally spread worldwide. Metropolitan areas with more than 10 million inhabitants, which are better known as “Megacities”, have the highest birth rate. They are one of the main effects of population growth related to demography1. Almost all the world’s population growth over the next 30 years will take place there, especially in developing countries. By the year 2030, 60% of the world’s people will be living in these cities2. Megacities are located around the world; the top 5 are located in Asia like Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul, Shanghai and Karachi. In North America, New York and Mexico City are considered to be two of the biggest cities. Cairo and Lagos are in Africa the most populated ones. In Europe, Madrid, London and Paris are metropolitan areas with a huge amount of citizens. However, they are just above the 10 million inhabitants. Most of them are capital cities and all of them are the main economic centers in their countries. Nevertheless, all of them suffer from over population and its consequences like high rent prices, pollution and traffic jams, criminality or are in danger of terrorist attacks. Some of these megacities have good aspects, like being main touristic destinations or the best places for making business as well as offering most of the services and infrastructure needed for the daily life like fast transportation services, shopping centers and a variety of entertainment options. However, the quality of life can be very poor in many areas. Institutions, like the United Nations and Governments worldwide, work together with the challenges affecting these metropolitan areas such as slums, homelessness and environmental problems.


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