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A megaproject  is an extremely large-scale Investment project.

Megaprojects are typically defined as costing more than 1 billion and attracting a lot of public attention because of substantial impacts on communities, environment, and budgets.

Megaprojects can also be defined as "initiatives that are physical, very expensive, and public"

In Malaysia, during the early 1990s, impressive economic growth triggered some notable building projects in Malaysia that were monumental in both size and influence. These mega projects were important not only projecting an image dynamic, rapidly industrializing country, but also in promoting the transfer of technology within construction industry.


Figure 1. KLCC, one of the mega projects in Kuala Lumpur designed to be a "city within a city"


Figure 2 Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Mega Project 1: Sultan Abdul Aziz Mosque

Sultan Abdul Aziz Mosque, is a one example of the early mega project in Malaysia duringthe early 1990s. It is the statemosque of Selangor, Malaysia. It is located in Shah Alam. It is the country's largest mosque and also the second largest mosque in Southeast after Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its most distinguishing feature is its large blue and silver dome. The mosque has four minarets, one erected at each of the corners.


Figure 3 The four minarets that can be seen from far

The mosque was commissioned by the late Sultan Abdul Aziz when he declared Shah Alam as the new capital of Selangor on 14 February, 1974. Construction began in 1982 and finished on 11 March, 1988. The Mosque is also known as the Blue Mosque owing to its bluedome. The building has the distinction of having the largest religious dome in the world, it measures 51.2 m (167 ft) in diameter and reaches 106.7 m (350 ft) above ground level. The four minarets, each reaching 142.3 m (460 ft) above ground level are the 2nd tallest in the world. 

[pic]Figure 4 The Dome of the Sultan Abdul Aziz mosque

Arkitek: Jurubina Bertiga Arkitek diketuai oleh Dato' Baharuddin Abu Kassim

Today it does however still maintain the distinction of having the world's tallest group of minarets as the set of four each stand at 106.7 m (350 ft) above ground level. The minarets are placed at each of the four corners and are 142.3 m (460 ft) tall.


Figure 5 Congregation during Friday prayer

The upper gallery of the prayer hall is reserved for the use of female worshippers. The second floor houses a gallery, the ground floor contains the administrative office, conference rooms, library, reception and lecture rooms.

The main dome of the mosque measures 51.2 m (167 ft) in diameter and 106.7 m (350 ft) in height from the ground level. It is constructed primarily from aluminium. Elements of Malay and Islamic architecture are incorporated into the finishes of the building. Fine decorative khat can be seen on the inner curve of the dome and parts of the walls.

[pic] [pic]

Figures 6 and 7 The interior and exterior of the dome


Figures 8 Exterior of the dome

The dome is constructed of aluminium and the outer surface is clad with vitereous enamel baked triangular steel panels decorated with a rosette of verses from the Quran. The main prayer hall is over two levels, is fully carpeted and air conditioned and is one of the largest such spaces in the world.


Figure9 the doorways

Aluminium grills of intricate design can be found on the doorways, windows and walls of the Mosque.

[pic]Figures 10 Windows

Material:concrete, steel, aluminium, vitreous enamel coated steel panelling, timber, glass, ceramic tile

The windows are fitted with blue stained glass in order to reduce the amount of light that can enter the hall. The resulting filtered illumination renders a bluish ambiance to the interior spaces evoking a sense of peace and serenity. The high ceiling has triangular panels of...

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