Topics: Franchising, Bread, Marketing Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: May 5, 2013
<1> Appearance of bakery
If you look at the 2006 consumer survey on trends eating out, there are reports that female office workers in their 20s are the most active consumers eating out and prefer Korean food to men when they eat out. The kind of restaurant that is expected to continuous gaining popularity is health food restaurant. With influences of well-being and ROHAS, eating out tends to meet means to not only simply have a meal but also share culture and communication. In this way, in order to maximize sales in the restaurant industry, compound store suited to consumers has attracted attention as a new trend. It is an important factor that provides a more comfortable place with customers by granting the various functions in a small space. As an example, it is a bakery cafe. New type of bakery-coffee cafe combined with coffee shop and bakery cafe appeared as a new field to ensure a range of positions and areas, which was targeting at women in their 20-30s. Bakery cafe interior reflects elegant European-style and New York-style. When customers unwilling to eat heavy food or feel lack of hunger only drink by making up having bread and piece of cake like refreshments. Also, it is a rising trend gaining popularity from women in their 20s and 30s and used as the place of communication or taking a rest. Now there is a explanation that Paris Baguette accounting for the seat of the No.1 Bakery industry since 1997.

<2> Franchisee as operation system
There are two brands that have different operation system of the franchising in the bakery industry. One is directly operated Paris croissant as franchisor. The other is Paris Baguette as franchisee. The former's concept is to create an elegant, relaxed and classic atmosphere for high-quality bakery cafe. It has an principle that all food and beverage produced in each store should be sold. It requires 15 bakers at least per one store. The major targets are especially young women lived in city and owned...
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