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By lgrady35 May 20, 2013 531 Words
Evaluation of a Method to Reduce Over-the-Counter Medication Dosing Error

Marion Grady


What is the purpose of the article?

The purpose of the article was to find a simple way of dosing over was a reduction in errors in the home dosing.

What are the overall research questions?

Research questions include dose determination and dose measurement percentage. The clinical trial randomly assigned color coded or conventional assignments to care givers.

Does the article include a review of literature? If so, what does it indicate?

Yes, the article includes a review of literature. The Institute of Medicine report November 2000, indicated that new strategies by medical practitioners and researchers are being worked on reducing medication dosing errors in the hospital setting but not the home setting.

What patient population was studied or referred to?

The study took a sample of 101 caregivers of children. The children had no emergent complaints. The care givers were separated into two groups. One group was given a color coded method to measure a Dose of Tylenol for their particular child. The second group was instructed to use conventional way to dose the Tylenol. The caregivers in both groups are to determine the dosage and measure the dose determined.

Identify the methods used in the study.

A) dose determination and measuring. B) The average median and maximum deviation C) percentage of participant under dose and overdosed two times the recommended dose.

Discuss the results or findings of this study.

The results suggested that the color coded, zone dosing may be useful in a home setting as well as the hospital setting. The study showed that conventional dosing methods indicated inaccurate dosing of the OTC medication by the caregivers. The color coded results showed that this method cold improve accuracy in determining and measuring OTC medications. There was significant improvement in the caregivers ability to determine and measure OTC medications for their children.

What is the background information of the paper selected?

The researcher was given approval from the Institutional review board (3977-02-7ROER), informed consent was obtained from the caregivers and a verbal questionnaire administered with questions about the caregiver’s relationship to the child, their age, race and educational level.

Describe how information in your article relates to the implications of practice and how they could have been helpful in a practice experience you had or might have in the future?

The information from the article was very enlightening. I had not really thought about there could be such a deviation in the way medications may be administered at home to children. My experience with children can definitely be affected. Knowing that parents have difficulty determining how much of the medication to give a child depending on their interpretation of the package insert or label and especially measuring the dose determined can make a difference in the way we as healthcare workers perform follow up care or emergency care. We could possibly be attributing to the overdosing of a child brought into the ER with an urgent problem.

Frush, Karen S. Luo, Xuemei PhD, Hutchinson, Paul, BS: Higgins, Jennifer, BS Institute of Medicine
Arch Pediatric Adolescent Med/Vol 158, July 2004

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