Medium Theory

Topics: Marshall McLuhan, Mass media, Media studies Pages: 12 (4070 words) Published: April 28, 2013
It is indeed that the world today has moving into a stage where advancement and evolution cannot be avoided. The world today is not the same as it used to be as advancement and evolution change the way people perceive the world. Clearly the advancement has affected the technology, infrastructure, fashion, and even the behavior of people. On the important part, it evolves the medium that being used in the world. Furthermore, it also change the way people communicate. Communication have move towards to where it influenced by technology. Technology has help people to communicate with other people regardless where they are without having difficulties. Moreover the technology enhanced mediums that able make communication far more interesting than before. In this term, medium of communication has increase into variety of choices that even people use as a business tool to achieve what they wanted. As example, now you can communicate and see the face of the person. In the professional sector, people have utilized different types of mediums in interacting within professionals and community. Mainly it uses different approach for every different person that they interact with. These different interactions have been foreseen from the theories from past scholar and modify by the people themselves in order to cope with the world. But at the end of the day, these advancement on communication have not only result in positive outcome, it also consequence in negative way. Apparently since the medium is mainly the hub for communication, the society will put the medium into fault if the outcomes from it are negative and if it affecting their community in bad stimulus. So are theories for communication medium from scholars is still applicable in the today’s world? This paper is conducted to have a better understanding of what communication medium theory is, how medium in modern day has affected the society and the culture of a country, and is the theory able to give solution or improvement for professionals or business sectors in today’s world. Furthermore this paper would help to answer the question on what extend can communication theory illuminates areas of professional communication practices. WHAT MEDIUM THEORY IS

Marshall Mcluhan (1964) is mostly famous by presenting the theory of medium where he state “Medium is the Message”. In his theory, Mcluhan describe medium as the interaction between pieces of human creation and the effects of the pieces on human society. From the explanation of the theory, it views medium as a vessel to convey a message with the result of changing a person or society or community due to the effect and power to illuminate which the medium has. Mcluhan theory of medium considered as a foundation in the communication studies. People often caught that medium is media although the truth they are basically the same. However Mcluhan (1966) further explains that medium is different with media. Hereby Mcluhan explain using theory, media is plural means that media is the channels that people choose to transfer or store information. While on the other hand medium is singular, meaning that medium is the specific extension of channels that used for transmitting the information. The term of medium theory are refer to the body of an information that emphases on the technological aspects of media yonder their content (Meyrowitz, 1985). Croteau and Hoyness, (2003) added to Meyrowitz term that medium theory is aim to look and search beyond the content of medium which exposes the key to create a social impact. The theory examines the relationship between human sense that are required to use a medium and structure of the medium itself (Littlejohn & Foss, 2009). In a book tittled “Five Epochs of Civilization” by William McGaughey (2000) gives an outline of how medium evolve within years, roughly a history of a medium. The book divide medium in five stages: the first stage is Ideographic writing where it...
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