Mediterranean Society under the Greeeks and Romans

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“Mediterranean Society Under The Greeks and Romans”

Steven Harn
HIS 103
February 15, 2010

“Mediterranean Society under the Greeks and Romans”
The two civilizations of Greece and Rome sprang up on the Mediterranean Sea from 800 B.C.E. until the Roman Empire fell around 476 C.E. and their status rivaled those of India and China in its richness and impact on the area. Both ancient Greece and Rome had the same gods and goddesses, which stood for the same thing but had different names. An example of this was the ancient Greek god of the seas, Poseidon, while in ancient Rome, his name was Neptune. And the ancient Greeks and Romans both lived near water for food and water resources and trading routes that would allow their societies to grow. And also, the ancient Greeks and Romans had very powerful armies, which helped them conquer many other civilizations.

The greatness of the Rome was built on imperialism, expansion, and military conquest. Some of the thing that made the Greeks great was based on their beliefs, philosophy, and their excellent commercial skills. The Greeks did not want to force their language, culture, and religion into others but tried to impress them with it in the hopes that others would embrace it. The Greeks thought that all other cultures were barbaric and were not considered to be worthy of any of the innovations of the Greeks. The Greek language and culture spread more quickly and naturally which was especially due to trade. The Romans believed that their system which was based on military, economy, education, culture, and state was more superior than that of any other in the world and everyone should embrace it as the ultimate achievement that mankind had ever seen. The Romans could not understand the nations they thought to be barbaric did not want to be liberated by them. The Romans believed that the civilizations that they conquered would bring them into the civilized world. Many things...

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Classical Civilization in the Mediterranean: Greece and Rome
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