Topics: Meditation, Mantra, Zen Pages: 1 (487 words) Published: March 11, 2014

I decided to meditate on a day that I felt a little more stressed out and upset. I have been rather stressed out for a while and when this came up for a thing for extra credit I decided to actually give meditation a try. I was always kind of skeptical about it and wasn’t sure that it would actually work. I have been very stressed out over work and school and trying to get everything in order and figuring out a schedule. I also recently moved so I am still trying to get used to that as well. When I meditated it was on a day that I had off and after I had started doing a few things for the day. I decided to meditate in my room because I feel more comfortable there and its more quiet. I have a noise machine that I use at night for sleeping but it has many different sound settings on it like: white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and rain. I decided to use the rain setting because the sound of rain is calming and relaxing to me. I also decided to use my scentsy warmer because it has a tranquility wax in it and is also relaxing for me. At first it took me a while to relax and try to clear my mind, actually it took me a long time. I was sitting on my floor in my room trying to focus on the sound of the rain. When I finally got my mind to focus on the sound I tried to clear my and stop thinking which also took a little while. The sound helped a little bit to help clear my mind and stop my mind from racing but the scentsy warmer helped more to relax me. After a few minutes, probably close to five I was able to completely clear my head and stop thinking and focus on the sound of the rain and just sit there. While I was meditating I felt calm and a little more at peace. I meditated for about 20 minutes, until I finally kind of ‘woke up’. After meditating I felt more calm and at ease, there are a lot of things that are on my mind and that I feel will take more then meditation to solve. It was nice to get some relief and relaxation though. I was...
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