Medisys Corp Case

Topics: Motivation, Vice President of the United States, Engineer Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: April 4, 2013
MediSys planned a launch of IntensCare which is a new remote monitoring system for the use in hospitals’ intense care units. This is a major launch for the company because it is a $20.5 million investment which is the largest investment for the company. MediSys Corporation is facing many external problems along with experiencing problems internally trying to finish the product by the set deadline. The company is having many issues. The issues consist of dealing with the software development, failure to communicate effectively, and lack of motivating factors.

The first problem to be identified is the cross functional teams’ inability to communicate effectively. The purpose of a cross functional team is to put people with different expertise from different department in a team to work together to come up with more innovative solutions and ideas. Art Beaumont, the new president, had the right idea to change up the structure of the company by creating an executive committee with the vice president from five different departments to jointly implement a strategy for growing the business swiftly, but if the group cannot communicate effectively then the forming of the committee is pointless and inefficient.

Another problem is ineffective communication between key team members that the success of the launch of IntensCare depends on. Unresolved conflict and ineffective communication between Valerie Merz and Bret (the respective vice president of marketing and lead engineer) is causing so much stress that Bret is on the verge of asking to be taken off the project and Valerie is on the verge of resigning from her position. If this was to happen the launch of the project could be further delayed or possibly be a failure when it launches allowing the competition to have an advantage to put a new product into the market. Also, conflict between Merz and Baio is crucial because Baio is the lawyer and can keep the project in line by following all needed procedures to avoid...
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