Medimix Analysis

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How To Increase The Market Share Of Medimix Soap

A “Marketing Applications“ Project Report By
Ashwini Hunsimarad (M-10-18)
Farhan Khan (M-10-23)
Manali Mangaonkar (M-10-30)
Arun Mundhe (M-10-32)
Sarvesh Shinde (M-10-52)

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Executive Summary

Medimix soap is a product by Cholayil Company with a great heritage in herbal products. “Medimix Soap” the leader of herbal market and has a great potential in the soap market. It is a soap that appears in our mind when we talk about ayurvedic soap. Medimix is a story of a home-grown product. Everything-from idea to research to manufacture, packaging, distribution and marketing-was done by a family proprietary, the company managed to develop a brand on its own terms. It all started with Dr. V.P.S. Sidhan , who focused on finding cures through ayurveda. In 1969, Sidhan launched Medimix as total skin care ayurvedic soap with just Rs 500 as seed capital and a fraternity of chemists. Medimix from there has grown to become Rs. 140 crore brand by the year 2007 and has 3.2% of market share. This report is about exploratory study about increasing the market share of the medimix soap. Both primary and secondary research methodology was done. For primary research retailers and customers were surveyed. In the customer survey the consumer buying behaviour and perception towards soaps were understood. In the retail survey the distribution and supply channel and the customer behaviour with respect to selling was collected. This primary data collected was processed statistically with the help of SPSS. The secondary research helped us to analyse this data collected with respect to the soap industry as a whole including its major market players, competition and various other factors affecting the increase of market share like advertising and promotions. This report further explores the avenues to increase the market share nationally and suggestions and recommendations are given thereby.

Real Ayurveda
Mission :

To empower and enrich people’s lives globally, with world class personal and healthcare products and services.
To provide sustained and increased value to all the stakeholders.

Thought behind logo :
The Cholayil logo originates from the lotus - the quintessential Buddhist 'padma' in full bloom, rising from the primeval waters of creation. It also symbolizes purity, the attainment of wholeness, and identifies itself with the womb - the epitome of creation. Tagline: Absolute Rejuvenation

About company:
The company manufactures quality products using indigenously developed processes, engineering designs, tools and machinery. Our product mix comprises of soaps, talcum powder and others, like the highly successful Medimix and Cuticura brands. Dr. V. P. Sidhan took the traditional family wisdom found in ancient palm leaf manuscripts and enriched it with modern ingredients and production techniques. Thus was born the unique soap - Medimix, which is the flagship brand of Cholayil . Factories are in the Andhra pradesh , Uttarakhand , Tamilnadu . Cholayil's state-of-the-art R&D Centre is equipped with modern instruments, which are accredited by the Govt. of India. The Cholayil Pvt. Ltd. Herbal & Pharmaceutical Testing Lab is India's first private testing laboratory approved by the Drugs Controller, Government of Tamil Nadu.

Brands: Medimix , Cuticura talcum powder , Mysop hand wash

Cholayil Medicinal Plant Conservation Park :
Located near Uthukottai, Chennai, India, the Cholayil Herbal Garden is a 120-acre well-developed farm, nestling between pristine forestland and a 50-acre water reservoir. The garden houses hundreds of medicinal plant species. It houses rare and...
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