Medieval Times

Topics: Le Morte d'Arthur, Alfred the Great, Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: April 1, 2009
Jeremy Bowles
Mrs. Hoffman
English 12-4
February 20, 2009
Medieval Values and Beliefs
Medieval values and beliefs are very unique in the way that they were used and how they used them in their everyday life. They had different lifestyles than we have now due to their unique literature and English. Most of their stories were oral but some still today are larking around. They have had some of the best writings and people from this period. There beliefs were also unique in many ways but some of their originations are used in our time.

Chivalry was the value that everyone wanted. There were many different characteristics that they had to posses or they weren’t cut out to be part of the chivalry. Some of the characteristics that were needed was; honor, poise, strength, fearless, and courageous. These are just some of the many attributes that a person would have to have to be a knight in the royal army. Good use of chivalry is in the story Morte d’ Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory. Sir Lucan was the perfect knight since he was courageous in saving the king’s life by risking his own. He showed his bravery by taking on all of those soldiers with no help. All the help he had was the sword and shield he carried. Now on the other hand, Sir Bedivere was a traitor towards the end due to lying to the king by saying he threw the sword in the ocean but really didn’t.

Literature dominated the time and brought the country into writing and keeping records. Alfred the Great had the honor of being the first person to make records. He wrote these records in a newspaper called the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. The Dewesday Book was rather important as well. This book was the first record of property and now could keep track of all property that was owned and how much taxes would be on the property. These two pieces of work have changed the way society is run today.

One of the major expectations that most people faces was the attendance to church. The church was one reason why...
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