Medieval Romance

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The Song of Youth
On Hallows Eve, in the late 17th century, the village of Elmore ended the embezzlement of young, innocent children. The Tuckerson witches were disillusioned by the fact that they were getting older, thus the reason for the song of youth. When the young children would arrive at their doorstep for the treat, this hypnotizing song drew the young children of the village into the Tuckerson house. The song collected the souls of these innocent children, giving back the youth the witches had lost. However, that night in Elmore, the witches were defeated and turned to stone until a young, foolish, innocent child lit the candle to set the witches free for the cycle to recur.

The morning of Hallows Eve, 324 years after the last Tuckerson incident, the children of Elmore went to school as if it were a regular day. At Elmore High a new student, Edward, was told the legend of the Tuckerson witches. He believed it to be a myth, or some silly story to scare him, but he was in for an awakening. That evening he and his new friends decided to go check out the old Tuckerson house. As the legend had stated, a candle was to be waiting to be lit by a young, foolish child. Upon arriving at the Tuckerson house, Edward was dared to go inside the house, find and light the candle, and come back to prove himself right about the legend being false. Although he claimed he did as told, Edward tried his best to find the candle, but couldn’t see anything in the darkness of the night.

He arrived home around 10 p.m. that Hallows Eve, spilling out to his parents about his dare. His 11 year old sister, Elizabeth overheard his story and decided she wanted to go see for herself what he was talking about. She called her new friends and invited them to join her on the adventure to the Tuckerson house, but she had to go alone, because they were all too worried it might be real. Elizabeth was a brave, adventurous girl with long blonde hair, and bright green eyes.

After her...
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