Medicine in the UAE

Topics: Medicine, United Arab Emirates, Physician Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: March 26, 2014
UAE students estranged from medical specialties!

The medical and health studies nowadays considered as repellent specialties, only few students join them that has affected negatively in the health sector level services and the number of the national medical cadres in the UAE. When we searched about this phenomenon we found that the reasons are referenced to the different stages of the student’s life. In the childhood the kid dreams to be a doctor so why these dreams are goes with wind. Today the percentage of non-citizens doctors in the UAE is 95%! That’s why patients have to travel abroad to get medication by millions of Dirhams! What are the weaknesses points that make the national students alienate from studying medicine? Is it a weakness in the school curriculums? Or lack of motivations? Or it’s all about interests? The medicine career nowadays is not so feasible; the student should study so hard for long years more than other specialties. The medicine also required continuous acquaintance, travelling and shifts. In addition to the low salaries. “Al Khaleej” newspaper has met a group of doctors and students who talk about this case. Dr.Hatem Al Ameri said: “it is noticeable that in the last years the students became less willingless to study scientific disciplines in the form in which they were in the previous.” Dr.Jalaa Taher said: “the work environment in the medical field is not encouraging for the student, I have five daughters and I don’t encourage any of them to study medicine because it is so tiring and needs from the doctor to be always up to date. The promotions in the medical sector is not easy and the doctor will not get any promotion unless he makes master and doctorate degree.” Dr. Salem Awaad thinks that the universities are responsible because they did not motivate students enough to study medicine, the – as he said – motivate them to study other specialties more. He thinks also that people do not trust the national doctors....
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