Medicine in the dark ages

Topics: Middle Ages, Hygiene, Disease Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: December 15, 2013
Medicine in the Dark Ages 50AD - 1066
The Biggest Changes
I think that the biggest change in medicine from 50 AD to 1066 is the different diseases and how they came and went, such as Black Death as diseases like this really affected the country and the people had to try and bring the country back up but the Black Death kept on coming back, Also, since they were not experienced at all with medicine it was more difficult to treat which results in many people becoming ill and doctors not really thinking about how to create cures, instead making up unusual and random things which , again results in more people becoming ill.. I think this is a big change because the Black Death was quite sudden and may actually be one of the reasons why this era is named ‘The Dark ages’. Another change I think happened is how hygiene abruptly dropped and people became dirty and unsanitary. This also lead to more death and disease, because then people did not know how to look after themselves properly or how to make and do things that will help them keep clean and well. I think this is a very big change because when the Romans were there most things were clean and people were more hygienic but as soon as the Romans left, everything changed and people suddenly stopped being clean and went back to living horrible and unsanitary. The Biggest Setbacks

The major setbacks in medicine starting from 50 AD to 1066, is in my opinion the lack and decline of reading and writing and the water source and supply. I think this because if the decline in reading and writing hadn’t occurred then the people of York could have read what the romans left behind, such as prescriptions and methods of curing and diagnosing. Also if the decline in reading and writing hadn’t happened then people would know how to h=live properly to avoid catching disgusting diseases; they would know how to heat their homes, and know not to keep animals living with them and they would also know how to operate a proper sewage...
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