Medicine Ball Throw

Topics: Muscles of the upper limb, Triceps brachii muscle, Flexion Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: November 21, 2005
Kneeling down medicine ball throw for distance, and falling.

The kneeling down medicine ball throw uses all the muscles in the upper body, and they all play an important part in the throw. The throw is a lot like a two-handed chest pass in basketball where you bring the ball into your chest with both hands and then extend out to throw it forward. After the throw you need to follow through and hit the ground. To start this you will need to be kneeling down with your upper body in the anatomical position. That means having your arms away from your torso and your hands palm side facing forward. Abduct your shoulders to make a ninety-degree angle and hold them there with out moving any other part of your arm. To do this movement you will be using mostly your deltoid and trapezius. Next you will flex your elbows towards your chest with out moving your wrist. You will need to flex to about a forty-five degree angle. To perform this movement your biceps brachii will contract and your triceps brachii will extend. In order to hold the ball you will want to have your wrist slightly radial deviated and your finger will have small flexion. Now that we have the correct holding position of the ball it is time to perform the throw. The action all starts in the torso of the body, the abdomen area. The torso will mostly be neutral during the activity used mostly for static strength. You will experience some flexion within the rectus abdominis and the external oblique. If you rock back to gain momentum for the throw you will feel a greater amount of flexion in these areas. Your shoulders and back will then begin firing to create the force to throw the ball. Your latissimus dorsi will contact along with your deltoid and trapezius. This will create the lateral abduction of the shoulder. Another muscle you might think of as working here is the pectoralis major. This muscle has a lot to do with pussing things away from your body. Next your elbows will want to go...
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