Medicine and Higher Education

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Prompt 1
Describe your background and life experiences to include any challenges or successes. Explain how these experiences prompted you to pursue a higher education. Growing up, education has always been considered the way out, the way to pursue another life and avoid struggles. Thus my parents believed to instill that upon us, making it a point of duty in the attempt to create a better half or a better version of them. In other words these in depth efforts in that encouraged me to pursue a higher education. It is simply the story of my parents. My health struggles enforced my desire to achieve something for me, something that will make me happy and affect others in the same manner. During my early years I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and shortly after Diabetes. As a result, I became to feel defeated robbed of life without a medical set-back. I was truly unfamiliar with the disease(s) constant hypoglycemic attacks and my enormous fear of driving because of my Epilepsy. It was a hindrance indeed but I did not want it to get the best of me. I wondered what self-pity was going to do for me. But in the midst of this critical time I managed to snap out of it. It was like I had received a revelation. I promised myself that I will try any and everything in my power to “TRY” and let the feeling of defeat not flourish within me. My love for the medical field became more powerful and I am glad that it has. It took me out of a one way dead end street, one of the worst experiences in my life. My struggle of remaining healthy and my parents fight to create a better life for their children encouraged me to pursue success through a higher education and hence my desire to become a healthcare professional. Describe your educational, career, and life goals. Explain your plan for achieving these goals. Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals. My educational goal is to strive higher than what I...
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