Medicine and Computerized Management Systems

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Cerner Millennium PowerChart vs. EpicCare Ambulatory EMR

Cerner Millennium PowerChart vs. EpicCare Ambulatory EMR
The introduction of the computerized management systems into healthcare took place over 50 years ago. Since then systems have evolved and become more intricate. They now serve many purposes that benefit patient care. It is a very large and important decision when a healthcare system must choose a specific computerized management system; from function, security, user friendliness, and cost. When this decision is made by a healthcare organization, one must take into account many aspects of this choice, which is defined as: 1. How can the use of such computerized management system increase the quality of patient care, along with the use and integration of handheld devices? 2. Discussion of the security aspects that accompany the computerized management system; use, storage, and back up of patient information while maintaining patient confidentiality related to HIPAA (Health In formation Portability and Accountability Act). 3. The affects of the new computerized management system on healthcare costs. Another important aspect to consider when looking and comparing new computerized management systems; is if nursing involvement in this selection process is important or beneficial. A comparison of 2 computerized management systems and each of their benefits offered to patient care and nursing care delivery are also defined below. How can the use of the computerized management systems increase the quality of patient care, along with the use and integration of handheld devices? Computerized management systems provide many opportunities to increase the quality of patient care; one example is computerized physician order entry (CPOE). CPOE requires the physicians to enter their own orders for a patient in the computerized management system. CPOE is a huge benefit to patient safety and quality of care; this will allow for the elimination of legibility errors and incomplete orders. Another example is integration of programmed reminders and alerts. With a computerized management system, reminders and alerts can be integrated into the system. For example the system will alert a physician to remind him to order a PTT when placing an order for a Heparin drip or a PT/INR when placing an order for Coumadin. Alerts can provide drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checking, thus alerting the physician when he/she places and order for a medication that the patient is allergic to or has contraindications with other medication the patient is actively taking. These examples of reminders and alerts increase patient safety and quality of care. Quality of care is also maximized with the computerized management system by health information exchange (HIE). This exchange of information will allow for a more accurate and efficient plan of care, allowing physician to see a patient’s full history, diagnosis, surgeries, ect when planning this patient’s current plan of care. HIE sharing will provide an overall view of the patient’s health, not just limiting the information to the current visit. For example a story was told by Dr. Stephen V. Cantril that helps to explain how a 29 year-old female fell a victim of lack of HIE. This female showed up to a New York City emergency department (ED) with abdominal pain. As she explained her condition it was revealed that she recently had an appendectomy. The ED physician performed another CAT scan on this individual to find what he thought was artifact from her recent appendectomy in her abdominal CAT scan films. This led the physician to have this female stay overnight for observation, but still no further diagnosis had been made. Dr Cantril explains that if this ED physician had access to the patients past record and CAT scan films, she may have been diagnosed properly and not released home the next day; still without answers and still in pain....
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