Medicinal Value of Plants in Pacific

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A Guide to the Common Edible and
Medicinal Sea Plants of the
Pacific Islands

Dr Irene Novaczek

C ommunity Fisheries Training Pacific Series 3A
S upplementary Guide to Sea Plants: Pacific Series 3
USP Marine Studies Programme / SPC Coastal Fisheries Programme: Training Materials for Pacific Community Fisheries

The University of the South Pacific

Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Canada-South Pacific Ocean Development
New Zealand Official Development Assistance
Australian Agency for International Development
International Ocean Institute - Pacific Islands



SPC Library
Bibliotheque CPS

A G uide to the C o m m o n Edible and Medicinal Sea Plants of the Pacific Islands

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A Guide to the Common and Edible and Medicinal Sea Plants of the Pacific Islands/Irene Novaczek ( Community Fisheries Training Pacific Series / University of the South Pacific, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, 3A)

1. Marine Plants-Oceania. 2. Nutrition-Oceania.
3. Medicinal Plants-Oceania
1. Title 2. University of the South Pacific 3. Secretariat of the Pacific C ommunity 4. Series
6 41.303
ISBN 982 - 203 - 835 - 6
Project Leader
Tony Chamberlain
Marine Studies Programme
The University of the South Pacific
P OBox 1168
Project Team
SPC Noumea Coordinator - Lyn Lambeth
USP Suva Coordinator - Samasoni Sauni
CETC Coordinator - Nu'ufou Petaia
Project Advisers - Gabriel Titili, Irene Novazcek
Editors - USP: Fred Mills, Karen Chamberlain; SPC: Kim Des Rochers Cover design and layout - Pasifika Communications
Printed by Star Printery Limited
Photos by Irene Novaczek and Tony Chamberlain

C ommunity Fisheries Training Pacific Series - 3A


A G uide to the C o m m o n Edible and Medicinal Sea Plants of the Pacific Islands

Preface to the Series
The majority of Pacific Island countries rely on the sea as a major source of food. While women are not involved in offshore deep sea fishing, they are active in collecting and gleaning shellfish and other edible sea species from the nearshore areas and inside the reef. Women also prepare fish either for sale or home consumption. In this preparation process, women are involved in cleaning, gutting, cooking and selling various seafoods. In many atoll countries, women are also involved in the preservation of seafood by drying or smoking. In view of women's role in fisheries activities and the importance of seafood in the region, it is vital that women learn not only the correct handling methods for seafood, but also how to use marine resources wisely for the future.

This manual is part of the Community Fisheries Training Series, and is designed to meet the wide need lor community fisheries training in the Pacific, particularly for women. The series was originally developed for the SPC Commumty Education Training Centre (CETC). The fisheries course at CETC began in 1999 as a joint effort with the USP Marine Studies Programme. It was a response by the Centre to meet the needs of women in the region to improve their skills in small-scale tisheries activities. The USP Post Harvest Fisheries Project was also working to provide post harvest fisheries training lor men and women in the region; hence the...

Bibliography: of marine benthic algae in Micronesia. Micronesica
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C ommunity Fisheries Training Pacific Series - 3A
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