Medicinal Drug Addiction

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Ethical criteria for medicinal drug promotion

World Health Organization Geneva 1988

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O World Health Oganbatian, 1988
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Ethical criteria f6r medicinal drug promoW~

Resolution WHA41.17 Introduction Objective Ethical criteria
Applicability and implementation of criteria

Promotion Advertising Medical representatives Free samples of prescription drugs for promotional purposes Free samples of nomprescription drugs to the general public for promotional purposes Symposia and other scientific meetings Postmarketing scientific studies, surveillance and dissemination of information Packaging and labelling Information for patients: package inserts, leaflets and booklets Promotion of exported drugs Appendix: Sample drug information sheet

Ethical criteria for medicinal drug promotion

Resolution WHA41.17 adopted by the Forty-first World Health Assembly, 13 May 1988

Ethicalcriteriafor medicinal drugpromotion
The Forty-first World Health Assembly, Recalling resolutions WHA21.41 and WHA39.27; Having considered the report of the Executive Board concerning the ethical criteria for medicinal drug promotion based on a draft prepared by an international group of experts; Convinced that observance of ethical criteria for medicinal l drug promotion by al parties concerned will contribute to a more rational use of drugs; 1. THANKS the international group of experts for its work;

2. ENDORSES the ethical criteria for medicinal drug promotion that are annexed to this resolution, on the understanding that they constitute general principles that could be adapted by governments to countries' circircumstances as appropriate to their political, economic, cultural, social, educational, scientific and technical situation, their national laws and regulations, disease profile, therapeutic traditions, and the level of development of their health system, and that they do not constitute legal obligations; 3. URGES Member States:

(1) to take account of these ethical criteria in developing their own appropriate measures to ensure that

Ethical criteria for medicinal drug promotion

medicinal drug promotion supports the aim of improving health care through the rational use of drugs; (2) to monitor and enforce, where appropriate, the implementation of the measures they have developed; 4. APPEALS to pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, the promotion industry, health personnel involved in the prescription, dispensing, supply and distribution of drugs, universities and other teaching institutions, professional associations, patient and consumer groups, the professional and general media (including publishers and editors of medical journals and related publications), and the public:

(1) to use these criteria as appropriate to their spheres of competence, activity and...
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