Medical Tourism in India

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The Task:
We, Group no. 2, had been allotted “HEALTH” as our sector to be worked upon. We for ease of understanding and division and allocation of work, sat down together as a team, and identified certain areas which we needed to cover and hence, each sub sector that was decided to be covered was allocated to each member of the group. My sub-Sector:

I was allotted “MEDICAL TOURISM” as my sub sector, which I needed to research about, and know just how the evolution of the health sector has been, in India, and how it has slowly emerged as the No.1 preferred destination in the world, as far as MEDICAL TOURISM is concerned. Medical Tourism:

As health care costs skyrocket, patients in the developed world are looking overseas for medical treatment. India is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to these "medical tourists." Even with airfare, the cost of going to India for surgery can be markedly cheaper, and the quality of services is often better than that found in the United States and UK.  |

Medical Tourism India (a.k.a. Health Tourism India) is a developing concept whereby people from world over visit India for their medical and relaxation needs. Most common treatments are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care. The reason India is a favourable destination is because of it's infrastructure and technology in which is in par with those in USA, UK and Europe. India has some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world with the best facilities. Since it is also one of the most favourable tourist destinations in the world, Medication combines with tourism has come into effect, from which the concept of Medical Tourism is derived. Indeed, many patients are pleased at the prospect of combining their tummy tucks with a trip to the Taj Mahal. - YaleGlobalMany countries have developed links for speedy treatments in India for their...
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