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Topics: Medical terminology, Latin, Combining form Pages: 3 (513 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Running Head: Unit 5 Project

Unit 5 Project
Olivia Lafond
Kaplan University
Medical Terminology 04
Professor Terry Bond
May 17, 2012

Unit 5 Project
The purpose of this paper is to show the understanding of medical terminology and abbreviations that has been acquired so far from the units that have been studied. It also helps determine what areas one might need to work on after completing this project. Section 1: Supply the Prefix|

Definition| Example| Prefix|
1. within | (---cellular, -- cranial)| Intra-, Endo-| 2. painful, abnormal, difficult, labored | ( -tropy, --pnea)| Dys-| 3. on, upon, over | (-dermal)| Epi-|
4. one | ( -lateral)| Uni-|
5. below, incomplete, deficient| (- tonic, --tension)| Hypo-| 6. beside, beyond, around, abnormal | (-thyroid, --lysis)| Para-| 7. absence of, without| | A-, An-|
8. through, across, beyond| ( -dermal, -plant)| Trans-| 9. many, much| ( -neuritis, -dipsia)| Poly-|
10. normal, good | (-pnea)| Eu-|

Section 2: Supply the Combining Form|
Definition for Body Part, Structure, or Condition| Combining Form| 1. Combining form for bone| Oste/o|
2. Combining form for liver| Hepat/o|
3. Combining form for stone, calculus| Lith/o|
4. Combining form for nerve | Neur/o|
5. Combining form for fungus| Myc/o|
6. Combining form for wrinkles| Rhytid/o|
7. Combining form for skin | Cutane/o, Derm/o, Dermat/o| 8. Combining form for larynx| Laryng/o|
9. Combining form for nose| Nas/o, Rhin/o|
10. Combining form for belly, front| Ventr/o|

Section 3: Supply the Suffix|
Definition| Example| Suffix|
1. surgical removal| (hysto-, lamin-)| -ectomy|
2. study of | (physio-, termin-)| -ology|
3. disease | (somato-,idio-)| -pathy|
4. inflammation| (sinus-, lymph-)| -itis|
5. surgical puncture to remove fluid|...

References: Brooks, M. L., & Brooks, D. L. (2012). Exploring medical language. (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: El Sevier Mosby.
Farlex.The Free Dictionary. Retrieved May 12, 2012, from
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