Medical School and Pediatrician

Topics: Medical school, High school, Physician Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: February 28, 2014
Many job opportunities are available in different types of careers. Pediatricians like children and science; they help take care of sick patients. Becoming a pediatrician requires a lot of schooling and training; it involves many different skills for every day work. The salary of a pediatrician varies on the amount of education and on the skill level. There are many job opportunities in this profession; it is most likely to increase with openings.

A pediatrician requires a generous amount of education after high school. The minimum education required to become a pediatrician is 4 years of college, 4 years or medical school, and 3 years of residency( 1.) The basics that most medical schools recommend are Biology; 1 course of genetics, 1 course of microbiology, and 1 course of molecular biology(2.) Also, Chemistry, 1 -2 courses of organic chemistry, Physics, I course is basic, and Math 2 courses in calculus (2.) A good way to get into colleges and medical schools is to have a lot of volunteer work on the applications, colleges love to see people are getting involved with your community and getting hands on training (Prerequisites for Becoming a Pediatrician 2.) It may take a lot of schooling and be very time consuming to become a pediatrician but it defiantly pays off.

Pediatricians need to have many different skills and talents. To be a successful pediatrician they need to have a strong love for children and a lot of patience (Prerequisites for Becoming a Pediatrician 1.)Children respond best to people who care about them (1.) Students must get hands-on training and care for children with illness and their unique problems (1.) They need to be exposed to a hospital setting as well as an office setting and be familiar with critical care issues (1.) Some other major skills needed is to be able to instruct people on what to do, coordinating and using scientific rules to and methods to solve problems(California Career Zone 2.)...
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