Medical Oncology Center Observation

Topics: Chemotherapy, Oncology / Pages: 4 (811 words) / Published: Mar 21st, 2017
During the clinical rotation to Southeastern Medical Oncology Center observations were made concerning cancer patients, their treatments, nursing care, education and special procedures while handling their medications. Upon entry of the treatment facility reclining chairs were lined up along the wall from one side of the room to the other. Each chair had its own television and headphones. Refreshments such as beverages and chips for the patients were near the door along, with the scale for weighing the patients. In front of the chairs was the nursing desk and behind it was the area where they prepared the medication. One of the clients observed was an older Caucasian male. From his general appearance he had very frail legs, an unsteady gait and was very weak. As, …show more content…
If the patient’s platelets are less than 100,000 the medication is held and the physician is notified. Another, reason the medication may be held is if the weight of the patient changed drastically; whether it is an increase or decrease compared to their prior weight at treatment and the physician must be notified. Prior to the actual administration of the treatment the nurse informs the patient about the medication they are about to receive. The nurse also, informs the patient about the potential side effects, certain symptoms that should be watched out for concerning the medication and what to report during and after the treatment is given. If the medication is known for altering electrolytes the nurse will inform them of which electrolyte is effected, what signs to look for and what to do as far as in food if it decreases the electrolyte. After, informing the patient of this information the nurse then has them sign a consent form that proves they understood the risk of the treatment just to protect the nurses and the

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