Medical Marijuana paper

Topics: Cannabis, United States, Hashish Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: January 29, 2014
Marijuana and its medical benefits have been a controversial topic for years. Medical marijuana can help cure most diseases, but other people believe that marijuana has no medical benefits and should remain illegal. I believe that medical marijuana should be legalized on the state and federal level because it’s a medicine that helps people with debilitating diseases, there are many ways to consume marijuana, keeps good people from going to jail, and if taxed would add massive amounts of revenue back in the our economy.

This medicine has helped with the treatment of “muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis, nausea from cancer chemotherapy, poor appetite and weight loss caused by chronic illness, such as HIV, or nerve pain, and seizure disorders”. These illnesses can cause someone’s way of life to be changed to adapt to them. With medical marijuana people find that they can overcome these challenges and get back to their daily lives as they knew them before. No medicine comes without some type of side effects. Marijuana’s side effects can vary from “dizziness to drowsiness, short-term memory loss, and even sometimes severe anxiety”. To prevent underage use anytime they have made it so that kids under 18 have to have a care giver to give them their medicine. An example of the medical benefits of marijuana is that of “Shona Banda who has suffered from Crohn’s Disease for eight years. She was bedridden and could only walk with a cane until she began to treat herself with cannabis oil and is now back to normal living”. This story shows how someone can overcome their debilitation and get back to a regular living style.

Medical marijuana can be consumed in many different ways, for example it can be made into a butter or oil that can be infused into cookies, brownies, candies, or any baked goods that require a butter or oil base. The reason for using butter or oil is that the active ingredients in the marijuana bond with the fatty molecules unlike water that has no...

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