Medical Marijuana Essay

Topics: Cannabis, Legality of cannabis by country, Law Pages: 6 (1657 words) Published: September 7, 2014
The issue on legalizing marijuana is a very controversial topic in the U.S. and all around the world. This is an issue for the fact that some people are being denied medical treatments just because marijuana has been illegal and misunderstood for so long. For as long as anyone can remember medical and legal marijuana has been seen in the negative side of the news and bad opinions by the general population. In recent years people, local governments, and state governments in the United States have been speaking out and is changing the way many people are viewing marijuana in this paper we will discuss the financial, medical, negative and positive effects of marijuana. Ways that you can fix this issue are contacting your local and state governments and expressing your opinions on this issue. First, look at the way America is viewing the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana now being fully legalized in Colorado and Washington, also with 23 states making it legal for medical purposes and 6 others decriminalizing the drug is now on a different path with legalization. “Owners of the 37 new dispensaries around the state reported first week retail sales to The Huffington Post that, when added together, were roughly $5 million.” (Frener, 2014). As you can see the financial revenue from just one state in its first week of opening is huge. All of this money can go back into school programs, equipment for classrooms, and other community related budgets. Colorado and Washington are hopeful that they will make up to 2.1 billion in revenue for the states. Uses for medical marijuana have been looked down upon until recent years. Many people follow what their parents think of the drug and that it is bad or they follow what their friends think. Scientists have been researching the positive medical effects of marijuana from tests and studies. “Medical marijuana has shown positive results for epilepsy treatment, especially for patients who have physical resistance, to traditional medications. A special strain cultivated for pediatric epileptic treatment, called ‘Charlotte's Web’ has become widely popular, with parents flocking to Colorado to get a supply for their children.” (Shim, 2014). This just shows how important cannabis can be for people and their kids in Utah. The main chemical that affects the way we feel and the main medical ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol is effective in treating chronic pain, vomiting, nausea, anorexia, and other social psychological disorders. With all of this research being found over the years we can only assume that if legalized who knows what we can find from continued research. There is also the more serious side of medical marijuana and that is the help it has towards serious illness and diseases that cannabis has already been known to help cure. All of this knowledge has been discovered has had with major diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, major depression, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and many forms of cancer. Next, many studies have been done on how much worse cigarettes are for you then marijuana. Research has been shown that cigarettes have been proven to be a lot worse for your lungs then weed. You can benefit from marijuana in many ways smoking it is the worst but quickest way to get the effect. Some people use vaporizers so it won’t be as harmful on their throat and lungs. The healthiest ways to take in the medicine is in an edible or pill form. Another thing that makes smoking cigarettes a lot worse than smoking marijuana is the addictive effects of nicotine that marijuana doesn’t have. In the year 2012, someone was arrested for marijuana related crimes every 42 seconds. If you really think about it that’s almost one person a minute, or 60 people every hour and so on. Now look to the next year and our current year. Crime rates have plummeted in Colorado in late 2013 and in 2014 basically are non-existent. “While marijuana prosecutions against people over 21 declined, so did prosecutions...

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