Medical marijuana and economics

Topics: Cannabis, Jamaica, Medical cannabis Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: November 26, 2013
Broad Topic: Economics and Medical Marijuana.
Narrow Topic: Impacting Lives and the Economy through legalization.

In 800 BC the Aztec and native people had herbal healers that prescribed marijuana in different forms according to the ailment and age of the patient. The herbal healers used their whole world as their pharmacy and plants as their medicines. The herb was made in liquid form for the young or eaten and dried like tobacco for smoking by the elderly (Beau, 2011). Medical Marijuana refers to the use of cannabis or marijuana, including constituents of cannabis, THC and other cannabinoids, as a physician-recommended form of medicine or herbal therapy ( In modern times marijuana has been used more for its euphoric effect rather than for its use as a medicine. It’s because of this euphoric effect why governments worldwide have prohibited its use as a drug. Can the use of marijuana mitigate health issues? Will legalization better the economy? This paper argues that through the legalization of medical marijuana, not only will the lives of Jamaican people improve, the economy will as well. The term medical marijuana is relatively new but the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been around for thousands of years. Clinical studies suggest the medical utility of marijuana for some conditions. These conditions include: Anorexia nervosa; the fear of gaining weight. The patient conducts self-imposed starvation because they believe that they are too fat and expresses dissatisfaction with aspects of their physical appearance (Beau, 2011). Even though reports suggest the occurrence of eating disorders in Jamaica is low, medical marijuana has been known to relieve this stressful feeling by allowing the user to relax.

Inflammation of the joints, Arthritis and Dermatitis, inflammation of the skin. The use of medical marijuana can make patients less conscious of the daily discomfort.

Alzheimer’s disease or primary...
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