medical marijuana

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Medical Marijuana
The history of Marijuana can be traced and can understand that it has been used in different cultures in different ways. In the recent past, it has been used to fit our recent past. People have adopted it to fit their lifestyles and also the social environment. A myriad of people across the globe smoke it for fun. Other millions smoke it due to medical reasons as it helps in dealing with some medical conditions in the body. This paper holds that Marijuana has a lot of beneficial values and should be officially legalized by the state authorities. It can help in addressing some health conditions, creation of jobs for thousands of people, helping the country to meet some of its debt, helps save millions of available acres in forestry besides continued raising the status of the country. The increased revenue can be used in improving infrastructure in the country. The discussion in this paper will discuss the reasons as to why marijuana should be legalized in the country. The discussion will be biased on the medicinal value of marijuana and how it can save the nation millions of dollars when legalized. Discussion

The scientific name of Marijuana is Cannabis Sativa. The drugs have been under debated, attracting the attention of a number of scholars to write and publish papers about it. The plantation of Marijuana can be traced back in 2700 B.C. in China. The first nurturing of plants took place in 1611 by the settlers at the Jamestown. These settlers used the hemps which were obtained from the fibers of the stem in making the canvas and the ropes. In some societies, marijuana is referred to as a weed and in those societies it is used in the making of clothing since it was regarded as being durable. (Tucker, 2010) The consumption of Marijuana became evident in the early centuries when there was scarcity for alcohol which is a perfect substitute for it. Apart from marijuana, the use of other drugs rose during this time and was reported to be posing a bigger problem in the United States. This paper believes that the United States is one of the countries that will highly benefit it from the legalization of the wed. It is one of the highly used controlled substance in the country. Given the fact that it is used frequently one wonders why it can be legalized so that the government can get more revenue and then fund some of the development agenda. Selling Marijuana can also help in raising the economy of the nation. Given that the country is having billions of dollars in debts, trading in Marijuana will be a perfect chance to help it settle some of these debts. The government will be in a position to monitor the people dealing in drug just like any other business and it will have to get an official license from the governments trade departments. Medical marijuana has in the past been known to helping patients with different terminal illness to be in a position to handle pain and nausea. A number of studies that have been conducted indicate that it makes it possible for patients to be sin a position to eat and keep their food down. This will enable them add weight. There is a chemical in marijuana which is active called THC which is what makes it possible for the patients to manage pain for a number of illnesses. Other studies have proved that when patients are given marijuana it results to the cells going through a process referred to as autophagy. This helps by making the cancerous cells feed on each other which will leave other healthy cells alone. Marijuana has also been proved to help in keeping Alzheimer’s patients from getting any worse. The mentioned THC above has the capability of capturing the formation of any plague in the brain. (Earleywine, 2005) Various criminal captivities will be affected in positive ways. Police officers spend a lot of money in dealing wi1th those consuming it. According to this paper, this is a clear indication of misdirected funds...

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