Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana, is this going to medical miracle or a medical disaster? Medical marijuana should be legalized for patients in their end stages of disease and have no other options. The legalize marijuana, is a question many state governments are fighting against federal governments to stop the recession of legalizing the drug everyone talks about. What is marijuana, what is the used for? It is becoming legal in many states, which states passed a law to use medical marijuana and why haven’t all the states passed a law, should it become legal for medical use? What are the pros and cons of using medical marijuana are there more health benefits or health risks? So will marijuana be the drug of the future, legalization of marijuana: yes or no?

Marijuana (grass, pot, and weed) are the common names for the drug made from the plant cannabis sativa. Marijuana is the dried blossom leafy annual plants which parts are used for herbs, animal food, and medicine and as hemp for rope making. The flowers of the plant contain psychoactive and psychologically active chemical compounds known as cannabinoids which are consumed for recreational medical and spiritual purposes. (Catherine Douglas Nov. 2010). The main mind altering psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is THC (delta-90tetrahydrocannabiol) but more than 400 other chemicals are also in the plant. A marijuana “joint” is made for the dried particles of the plant, the amount of THC in marijuana determines on how strong it affects will be. When marijuana is smoked or ingested THC and other active components that can be found in marijuana are targeting and attaching to two types of receptors on the cells of the body. The CB1 receptors are found mainly in the brain and especially in areas that control body movement memory and vomiting. The CB2 receptors are found mainly in the immune system tissue, such as your spleen and lymph nodes. When marijuana is smoked, its ingredients reach their peak levels in the body within minutes and the effects can last up to an hour and a half. The strength of today's marijuana is as much is ten times greater than the marijuana used in the early 1970s.(National institute on drug abuse, 1984) This more potent marijuana increases physical and mental effects and possibly the health problems for the user. (National Institute on drug abuse, 1984) By the year 2008 or 14 million Americans have used marijuana at least once a month, and 12.2% of the marijuana users who have been using marijuana in the previous year, used marijuana on 300 more days in the past 12 months this means that 3.1 million people are using marijuana on a daily or almost daily basis over a 12 months period. (SirGan, Steady Health, May 2009).

As of today 14 states, California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Hawaii, Colorado, Nevada, Vermont, Montana, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Michigan and most recently New Jersey, have passed laws eliminating criminal penalties for using marijuana for medical purposes and lease a dozen other states are considering such legalization.(Hoffman DE, Weber New England journal of medicine 2010 April 22). Medical experts have also taken a fresh look at the evidence regarding the therapeutic use of marijuana. The American Medical Association (AMA) recently adopted a resolution urging a review of marijuana as a schedule 1 controlled substance, noting it would support rescheduling if doing so would facilitate research and development of cannabinoid-based medicine. The Federal Controlled Substance Act (CSA) classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, one with a high potential for abuse and not currently accepted for medical use, it also criminalizes the acts of prescribing dispensing and processing marijuana for any purpose. Because is still illegal under federal law a physician cannot give you a prescription for marijuana. He can only give his recommendation that it may help your disease or condition. They may violate the federal law if...

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