Medical Malpractice in Pakitan

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Name: Mohammad Mudassar Javed

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Instructor: Razia Waseem (sec 1)

13th May 2011

Medical malpractice in Pakistan

“Medical malpractice is defined as professional negligence by act or omission by a health care provider in which care provided deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient, with most cases involving medical error” (Medical Malpractice).

Although, doctors are solely held responsible for any medical malpractice in Pakistan’s hospitals, but other factors such as the role of the hospital administration towards that medical error, the pharmaceutical companies and ignorance of the patient himself should be considered before passing on the blame to the doctors.

Before putting the blame on any specific person or area for medical negligence let us first consider the position of Pakistan. Pakistan being a third world country does not have enough resources to improve its health care system and with the ongoing war on terror and disputes with neighboring countries, Pakistan cannot afford to reallocate its expenditure from defense to any other sector. The same can be said about the health sector of Pakistan to which only 0.7% of the GDP was allocated in recent years. (Pakistan – Past, Present and Future) With the government’s failure to provide better health facilities and increased awareness about health among people; a large gap has been created between the supply and demand of health facilities. To shorten this gap, private sector has stepped in and has been somewhat successful in improving the health facilities in Pakistan.

Private sector has played a huge part in improving health facilities in Pakistan. This has been done by building new hospitals, using latest technology and increasing the doctor’s salaries. Although, great work has been done in the past decade to improve the overall health position in Pakistan but what underlines this fact is that the number of incidents of medical malpractice has greatly increased, especially in private hospitals. This is a major cause of concern and should be stopped by implementing certain measures

This essay is going to highlight how the negligence on the part of hospital administration in handling their staff, the pharmacy inside hospital leads to the death of patients. Furthermore, it is going to discuss how a pharmaceutical company is motivated by profits, hence, playing with the lives of the patients. Finally, it is going to discuss how the patient themselves contribute to medical malpractice in Pakistan. By giving logical arguments this essay is going to conclude that doctors are not only responsible for medical malpractice in Pakistan, but it is a combination of all the factors mentioned above which leads to a patient’s death. The easy will conclude by saying that medical malpractice is increasing day by day and should be stopped by imposing certain measures.

Before discussing the negligence of hospital administration let us discus the responsibility of the hospitals. Hospitals whether private or public have a responsibility on themselves, that is, to provide efficient medical service to humanity. They can provide efficient medical service to humans only if they have a capable administration. If this administration does not perform its duty with responsibility, medical malpractice could creep in, so hospitals administration can be held responsible not for their own negligence but also for negligence of their employees. Pakistan hospitals are not run by efficient administration.

A hospital's medical staff consists of licensed physicians and other licensed health care providers, such as nurses, physician's assistants, and nurse practitioners. In hiring its medical staff, hospitals should make sound inquiries into an applicant's education, training and licensing but sadly such is not the case in...
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