Medical malpractice

Topics: Medical malpractice, Health care, Health care provider Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: March 31, 2014
The Negligence of Proper Care by Doctors

Opening/Vague Statement:
All doctors have the duty to provide their patients with the proper care. Specific Statement:
To neglect the proper care/help to a patient is medical malpractice. Malpractice happens throughout the world. Thesis Statement:
The penalty for malpractice should be much stronger.
Main arguments:
A.Hard to win a malpractice case
B.Not many claims
C.The impact and the amount of people affected
Paragraph #1 (proving A)
Argument/main point 1.:
In Canada it is very difficult to win a medical malpractice case. To have greater chances at winning the case, liability and damages have to be taken into consideration. Supporting idea/fact no. 1

To have a chance in the case, the liability of the doctor or health care provider must be proven and also prove they were negligent. Quote or research to support idea
To determine if someone is “liable” legally responsible for your injuries [...] health care provider was negligent and whether that negligence caused the injury.

Supporting idea/fact no.2
To determine whether or not it was negligence is if the proper procedure was followed and if not, how that caused an injury. Quote or research to support idea
Key factors to determine whether or not it was negligence are the accepted standard of care, whether that standard was followed and, if not, whether not following that standard caused the injury. Supporting idea/fact no. 3

The patients must have considerable damages, the judge will decide if they are damaging. Quote or research to support idea.
The patient has to show that the injury or harm caused by the medical negligence resulted in considerable damages. The injury must have very damaging consequences. Closing sentence
These are some reasons on which the court system has failed the victims/patients of malpractice. Paragraph #2 (proving B)
Argument/main point 1.:
There are many medical malpractice...
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