Medical Information Management and Office Practice

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Part A:

1. Qualitative medical record analysis is a review of medical record entries for inconsistencies & omissions which may signify that the medical record is inaccurate or incomplete. Such an analysis requires knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, fundamentals of disease processes, medical record content, & the standards of licensing, accrediting, & certifying agencies. It is usually performed by a qualified medical record practitioner. Quantitative medical record analysis is a review of prescribed areas of the medical record for identifying specific deficiencies in recording into ensures that it is complete, accurate, & current. Items that do never meet the criteria should be noted on a check-off sheet for future review & processing by the responsible staff–medical, dental, nursing, & allied health providers.

2. I believe that size matters. Don't make it too long or wide. Make the print large enough so that most everyone can read it without squinting. And organize it in a way that the information flows and make sense - don't ask for a home phone number right after a work reference, for example.

3. There are three types of numeric filing/numbering systems available for our use. Serial numbering, Unit numbering and Family numbering. Terminal digit -straight numerical and middle digit filing system- Terminal digit uses 6 numbers for three section example 12-04-00, terminal is 12, secondary digits is 04, primary digits is 00. Straight numbering is medical records are filed in straight chronological order.

Middle digit is an alternative to the terminal, is a combination of terminal and middle with 6 digits except the middle digits are primary and left digits are secondary and the right are tertiary with a block of 100 example records files in straight numerical order is 55-42-97, follows 55-42-98.

Part B:

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