Medical Billing Process

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Medical Billing Process
Brittany Campbell
September 1, 2013
Lydia Cavieux
There are ten steps included in the billing process and are used to help process the patient’s information from preregistration to the follow up payments. Each patient has the responsibility to pay for their services once they have received care from a facility by themselves or an insurance company. Many different health insurance companies that may help an individual cover their medical expenses or even pay the entire bill. This billing process is usually done in the back office whereas the registration and collection of information is done in the front office.

The first step is the preregistration of the patient and this step is used to get an idea of why the patient is seen. It also gives the office an idea of what the appointment will include. During this time an appointment is scheduled for new patient and previous patient’s information is updated. Establishing financial responsibility is the second step which involved a series of questions used to identify the financial responsibility for the visit. The facility needs to know if the patient will be paying for it themselves or if they are insured and if they are to be able to determine their coverage plan. Many facilities offer payment plans to those who are not covered. The third step is checking the patients in, first time patients will need to fill out a complete history and current contact information whereas previous patients just need to look over and update their information. Important forms are filled out, copies of any cards are taken, and any co-pays are paid during this time.

Once a patient has been diagnosed and procedures have been followed they are coded by a medical coder to verify the codes with the information found in the patient’s medical record. This is step four, reviewing coding compliance, which makes sure that all guidelines are followed while the codes are assigned. A diagnosis and...

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