Medical Billing and Coding Process

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Medical Billing and Coding Project:
Brittney Moore
ECPI University

Before the encounter:
Step One:
Preregister patients-Patients who call in order to schedule an appointment have to provide basic information. General information usually includes the person’s first, middle, and last names along with their address, the reason for the encounter, their basic insurance information, and the most convenient date and time of the appointment. During the encounter:

Step Two:
Establish financial responsibility-The person behind the window will inform the patient on whether or not they are eligible for that specific health plan, check the factors that are covered under that health plan, determine the first payer if there are more than one health plan that actually covers that patient, and meet the payer’s conditions for the payment. Step Three:

Check in patients-Returning patients are required to sign in at the front desk of the facility. They usually are asked to review previous information to make sure that it is accurate and up-to-date. Their financial records are also checked to make sure that previous balances were paid at the time of the previous visits. If a new patient arrives, they are required to fill out a form that includes their personal information and show proof of their identification as well as proof of their insurance. This helps to eliminate fraud or malpractice in the facility. The patient’s personal information and insurance information will then be copied and returned to the patient. This information is entered into the facility’s database for future reference. The front and back of the insurance cards and other identification cards are scanned and copied in order to be storied in the database. Copayments are always collected at the time of the service, some are collected before the encounter and some are collected after the encounter. Some facilities require other forms to be completed by the patients, these forms are...
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