Medical Billing and Coding

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Medical Billing and Coding
Shareefah Martin
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Medical Billing and Coding
As a child growing up, I have seen aunts; uncles and cousin pursue a career in the medical field. So as I got older I wanted a career in the medical field too, but as a registered nurse (RN). I love watching TV shows on people who was there to help others in the time of sickness or an emergency and I can see myself doing that because I like to help others. I even started a local community college and took classes towards the nursing program; I got pregnant and did not go back to college. Until now, choosing a career in the medical billing and coding showed me that it is less school, can earn a certificate or associates degree, how much a person can earn for a living through a year, how you can work in a building or work from the comfort of your home. Medical Billing and Coding is a Growth Industry with good Pay.

In medical billing and coding the geographic location plays a role in compensation. In areas where the cost of living is higher, the local economy is thriving, the salaries maybe higher. It is one of the fastest growing careers in today’s world. Americans spent more than $2 trillion on health care in 2007 (Entrepreneur Press and Jennifer Dorsey), and the numbers continue to rise. The health care industry provides 14 million jobs, and it is estimated that the industry will generate 3.2 million new jobs by 2018. There is also a growth demand for women, but we see men breaking into to it more. A good salary, average is $45,000 annually with benefits. Considering a fulltime job in this field offers benefits like health insurance, dental, 401k, etc. Medical Billing and Coding: Career Growth and Opportunity

The medical billing and coding is essential to the financial aspect of a successful medical office, there is a growing need for special skills being well trained. With good basic training, on the job experience and...
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