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Health Services Administration – HSA599

Faculty Course Guide

Prerequisite: None

Quarter:Winter 2013

Meeting Days/TimeClasses Begin: January 7, 2013

Classes End: March 18, 2013

InstructorDr. Michelle Rose

Instructor Phone:678-371-7265 (6:30 pm-8pm EST Mon-Thurs only)

All other times you may leave a voice message. I will reply via email within 24 hours (48 hours weekends). Please be sure to include your full name and class in messages.

Instructor E-mailPrivate questions can be submitted to the Messages option found under Tools tab Please use the Blackboard Message system to contact me.

In the event the system is unavailable you may contact You will receive a reply within 24 hours (48 hours weekends). Please be sure to include your full name and class in email messages.

Instructor Office Hours/LocationMon-Thursday 6:30 PM-8PM (EST)


Examines the strategic management process and implementation of successful strategies in health care organizations. This course is the capstone course for the HSA program. Analytic, integrative, and decision-making skills will be exercised through the use of case analysis and decision making. A grade of “B” or higher is required.


Required Resources

Swayne, L. E., Duncan, J., & Ginter, P. M. (2009). Strategic management of healthcare organizations (6th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Supplemental Resources

Cohn, K. H. (2009). Changing physician behavior through involvement and collaboration. Journal of Healthcare Management, 54(2), 80-86.

Cohn, K. H. & Harlow, D. C. (2009). Field-tested strategies for physician recruitment and contracting. Journal of Healthcare Management, 54(3), 151-158.

Coyne, J. S., Richards, M. T., Short, R., Shultz, K., & Singh, S. C. (2009). Hospital cost and efficiency: Do hospital size and ownership really matter? Journal of Healthcare Management, 54(3), 163-176.

Erwin, D. (2009). Changing organizational performance: Examining the change process. Hospital Topics, 87(3), 28-40.

Goldman, E., Cahill, T., & Filho, R. P. (2009). Experiences that develop the ability to think strategically. Journal of Healthcare Management, 54(6), 403-417.


1. Differentiate between strategic management, strategic thinking, strategic planning, and managing strategic momentum.

2. Analyze the significance of the external environment’s impact on health care organizations.

3. Examine the purpose and importance of service area competitor analysis.

4. Examine the role of internal environmental analysis in identifying the basis for sustained competitive advantage.

5. Examine the organizational value chain, including the components of the service delivery and support activities.

6. Differentiate between strategic management, strategic thinking, strategic planning, and managing strategic momentum.

7. Analyze the roles of and the relationships among organizational mission, vision, values, and strategic goals, and why they are called directional strategies.

8. Examine the nature of directional, adaptive, market entry, and competitive strategies.

9. Apply analytic skills to define strategic problems, generate and evaluate strategic alternatives, and develop implementation tactics.

10. Differentiate between value-adding service delivery strategies and value adding support strategies.

11. Analyze the interrelationship among situation analysis, strategy formulation, value adding service delivery and support strategies, and action plans.

12. Use technology and information resources to research issues in the strategic management of health care organizations.

13. Write clearly and concisely about management of health care organizations using proper writing mechanics.


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