Mediation Brief

Topics: Defendant, Legal terms, Health care Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: April 5, 2013

OTTO JOHN………………………..………………………………RESPONDENT


The complainant cohabited with the respondent for six years. This resulted into one issue; AYELLA NORBERT (13 Years).The complainant confirmed that they have been living happily. Last year in February, her parents picked her from her place and took her to stay with them so that the respondent settles other obligations as required culturally .And the respondent was conditioned to provide for; money for upkeep, medical care and school feeds. Of which he accepted to cater for.

However, this did not go down well with the respondent. He did not follow her immediately as the parents thought it would happen. The complainant complained that the respondent’s phone number could not be accessed most of the time she would wish to communicate with him. The respondent pointed out that where he works there is poor net work coverage that is why it has been happening that way.

The respondent complained that one time when he went to the in-Laws to present some grievances against her to be settled because the complainant threatened his life by saying his life would be shortened if he continues hurting her. That the accident I got was a minor one the serious one was yet to happen. they turned and said he was the one on the wrong because he pointed out all the bad behavior the complainant exhibited. And the father-in –law stopped the respondent never to cross his home and not to go and see his children.


The respondent agreed to continue providing for medical care, 100000 shs for upkeep on monthly basis and school fees.

The complainant agreed to allow the respondent to check on his children from home or from school.

The respondent accepted to be providing for the requirements for the school going child from time to time.

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