Mediated Argument for Abortion

Topics: Human, Abortion, Pregnancy Pages: 5 (1980 words) Published: April 24, 2007
Our sexual society has changed so much that many teenage and unwed mothers have turned to abortion as an alternative. As I have grown from being a teenager to a young adult I have encountered numerous pregnant young ladies who have had no idea of whether to have an abortion or keep the baby. Many of them have been young and aren't mentally, emotionally, or financially stable to take on that kind of responsibility. I decided to discuss the matter of abortion because I don't think many young women know too much about the subject. First, what is abortion? An abortion is a procedure, either surgical or medical, to end a pregnancy by removing the fetus and placenta from the uterus. (Health Scout) Many people believe that the procedure is immoral and hurts the human race as a whole. Others on the other hand think that it protects women's rights and that it is discriminatory to outlaw abortion. I plan to discuss the matter at hand by equally presenting both sides of the issue and comparing the pros and cons of abortion.

While looking into the subject of abortion you must first come to realize what is growing inside of the mother and distinguish whether or not it is considered to be a life. The main question that poses a conflict is that whether the fetus is considered to be a person before it is fully developed while it's still in the womb. It has been found that the sperm fertilizes the eggs with twelve hours and ultimately becomes what they call the "zygote" containing all the chromosomes needed to create a new "human life." (Abortion) Many argue, that since the fetus is a "potential person" and has not fully developed yet, that it should not have the rights of a human being. They figure since it's only a piece of tissue that the mother is housing, that she has the right to get rid of it if she chooses. Others argue that the fetus is more than just tissue and that it should have the same rights as the woman. They feel that the fetus is just a phase in the process of becoming a person and that life occurs at conception. In the article "Nine Reasons..." Israel Steinmetz and Planned Parenthood both express their views on the same topic. Planned Parenthood argues that the woman is more than just her fetus and that she has the right to choose. They are saying that giving a fetus the rights of a living, breathing human being is wrong and that the fetus' rights do not supersede those of the woman. The Supreme Court backed this statement on January 22, 1973 when they gave women the right to control their reproductive choices. (Abortion) The Supreme Court decided that only in the third trimester, where the baby is said to be "viable", does the court have to consider the rights of the unborn child. In concurrence with my earlier research, Steinmetz also argues that the fetus is more than just piece of tissue and a person's genetic makeup happens at conception. He believes that in the first trimester the baby is not yet "fully developed" but has a small brain and can feel pain and vibration; therefore it is a human being. In Missouri they also adhere to the belief that life happens at conception and unborn children have protectable welfare in life and health. (Abortion) The next question that arises is that whether or not abortions are morally wrong. Many people seem to think since the law allows it that it must be morally right, but I personally think that many people simply don't think about the issue at hand. Being morally wrong or write goes back into the discussion of the whether or not the fetus is a human being. Of course if the fetus is a human being it would be morally wrong to abort it because that would be considered as taking a life. On the other hand if it isn't considered to be a human being then why would it matter if the mother chooses to have an abortion? John O'Connor points out "there are three kinds of people that consider abortion to be acceptable and moral: (1) those who believe that since the fetus is not yet...
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