Media Voilence

Topics: Video game controversy, Violence, Media violence research Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: September 4, 2010
Media violence

Media violence has been an ongoing issue and a major talking point for over three decades. There have been numerous debates whether media violence is considered a problem and if it actually causes real-life aggressive behaviour. It is believed that media violence is seen to have a crucial barring on how an individual may behave whether it is socially or mentally. Biological factors also come into account in media violence situations. Important factors like the amount of media violence the individual is being subdued to, how extreme the content may be and whether the individual is still developing mentally also determines to an extent of how an individual behaves long term and short term. Media violence comes in various forms such as TV violence, Movie violence and video game violence. The purpose of this literature review is to distinguish how media violence affects behavior based on the three main factors 'bio-psycho-social'. This will be established with four text reviews.

'Video games are thus great teachers and great motivators, but they can be misused. But it is society, not science, that must decide how to deal with the negative effects of violent video games.' (Anderson 2004, p. 4). Anderson’s (2004) literature is clear and useful towards parents in the concept of media violence. Anderson discusses in his text how violence in the media affects children in a social perspective. Anderson focuses on video games and emphasises how many may believe it is either 'For good or ill' (Anderson 2004, p. 4). Anderson believes the content of video games is the key and decides whether it is good or ill. As children mature they develop mentally and physically, when exposed to media it is inevitable they learn and take in what they see. Factors like how often children are exposed and what they are being exposed to also plays a major role. Anderson identifies video games as worse than TV shows and movies in terms of violence. 'In a violent video...
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