Media Violence

Topics: Violence, Television, Aggression Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: May 5, 2013

Cause and effect of media violence
There is now doubt that nowadays, television is one of the most influential media devices that spread across the globe but this influence might not be as productive as one might expect. According to scientific researches, more than 65% of people are violent because of TV shows’ contents. It is quite obvious that at the recent rate of watching TV, teenagers and children will be influenced by what they watch. If these programs were to be scientific and informative, it would be a great asset for teaching the upcoming generation. However, this is not the case because children and teenagers are more attracted to watching violent shows and movies which unfortunately leave a bad influence.  Since the effects of mass media started to appear on children, parents have raised their concerns. It was noticed that exposure to these kinds of programs and movies will leave a huge impact on the lives of the children leading to: a life of crime, committing robberies and doing drugs. Furthermore, there are complications related to aggressiveness attained from television violence. Studies focused on other harmful effects associated with viewing television violence. Among these effects is learning aggressive behavior and attitude. Media violence might not directly cause children to behave violently, but it teaches them that violence is a normal way of solving problems. Moreover, frequent exposure to frightening scenes and sudden horror moments that the entire business of horror movie production lives by will have serious aftermath problems. One of these problems is that the viewers will get used to horror and sudden violence that they will not be surprised by any violence that happens in real life. In addition to this, According to psychologists, if children watch television more than 4 hours continuously, they lose their power of concentration. Watching the characters behave in an irregular manner influences children to do the same....

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