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A medium is a carrier and deliverer of advertisements. It is a broad general category of carries such as a Newspaper, T.V, Radio, Internet, Outdoor, Direct mail, etc Media vehicle

A specific medium for the transmission of an advertiser's message. • It is a specific carrier within a media category. So a Discovery would be the category of tv. Many a time a specific programs or section within a medium may be termed as a vehicle (e.g. Star TV, Times of India newspaper, Red fm)

Media Vehicle
TelevisionProgramme (Star TV)
PrintPublication (Times of India)
RadioProgramme (Red fm)
OutdoorSite (Hajiali road)
InternetPortal (Google)

Advertising media generally include TV, Radio, newspaper, magazine, outdoor billboards, public transportation, yellow pages, direct mail, specialty advertising (on items such as note books, pencils, calendars, telephone pads, shopping bags) and other media (catalogs, samples handouts, brochures, newsletter).

The right media

Traditional or mass media:
TV, radio.
Idea to reach large audience.

Niche media:
Cable TV, direct mail, etc. reach the target audience with specific demographics Narrowly defined target audience

Non conventional media:

Evaluate advertising media options
The term media encompasses print, electronic, graphic, computer, telecommunications, and outdoor media.  The term media vehicle(s) encompasses the selection and combination of specific programmes, publications, and displays in which advertising messages will be placed. The term weighted audience values indicates the numerical values assigned to different audience characteristics

More on media
Traditional media:
Newspaper, magazine, radio, TV. Large audience, low costs.  Certain programme audience
Do not use a medium because of the content of the advertising. Different media have different abilities in exposing the ad material. •Non traditional media
Alternate ways of reaching the customers, out of the competition Sales promotion, internet advertising, TV screen in airport, walls in public toilets floor in super markets, banners, video tapes Ariel banners parking meter electronic billboards etc •Disadvantage:

Cost per thousand very low
Not many can be reached
Image problem
Specialized media:
Magazine, publication, catalogs that are for investment, golf, sport car and trade. This is so called niche marketing, which is targeting at business and professionals

Principle for selecting media vehicle
Select media vehicle that can reach prospect
With an optimum amount of frequency
At the lowest cpm
With a minimum wastage
Within a specific budget

Deciding to include advertising in the communication mix process is a relatively easy decision compared to deciding which media and media vehicle (for example which magazine or which cannel on TV, etc.)

Most of the advertising budget gets spent on the media (and not the creative or production side).This is why a careful planning, negotiating and knowledge skills are very important. Expert media planners and buyers got the best out of the advertising by finding the right spaces or places for an ad campaign at the lowest cost.

There are a wide variety of media available today for the advertisers to choose from. The decision is depended on a lot of factors at the same time it is a very crucial decision since the success of the campaign is highly depended on the media selection aspect.


Broadcast media are quite young in comparison to the printed word. Fundamentally there are two main forms of broadcast: television and radio. Advertisers use these classes of media in order to reach mass audiences with their messages at a relatively low cost per target reached.

The media allows the advertisers to add audio and /or visuals to their messages. The media...
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