Media Text Analysis

Topics: Gender, Mass media, Advertising Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: September 29, 2005
Media Text Analysis
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By simply glancing at the advertisement it is clear that this is "selling" its viewers something far greater than just a (mere) cologne. The half-naked characters, the simple tones, the character relationship, the bottle, the text, the embrace, their expressions, are all reproducing, and thus, representing something imagined, perceived, sensed, or felt in some physical form – lust.

Calvin Klein advertisements are extremely important as they create meaning for their products and distinguish them from similar market brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. All of these brands exert quality so there is not really a great need for mass advertising. Consumers will look at the fragrance and immediately recognize the Calvin Klein logo – which instantly generates values such as quality, refinement and style – therefore it is important that the advertisements must also generate these values within those whom view the advertisements, that is, the potential consumers.

Society may fear the media's pervasiveness into privacy, yet the chance to ‘escape' and do as one wants to, without worrying about rules or social implications, is a primitive fantasy amongst all people. This desire to be free, channeled through the advertisement's features, can only be realized if the person first understands the constraint which society places upon them – how can one be free if one does not know what controlled means?

The entire chosen image is highly sexual in its intentions. The male has one arm embracing both the woman and the bottle at the same time with the bottle placed over the women's naked breasts indicating the sexual undertones (Zoonen, L V 1996) that the fragrance generates. The female has her head tilted up whilst the male passionately kisses her, the expression on her face is almost orgasmic as she is being held by the male figure....

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