Media Summary Paper

Topics: Social network, Music video, Sociology Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Mauro Gonzalez
Beth Walters


I will briefly describe the pros and cons about social medias which are Blogger, Facebook, twitter, Google plus and YouTube. Each one has its own purpose and you can use them for many different purposes but just like everything else they have their positive and negative features. Let me begin by saying blogger is my favorite social network aside from Facebook. In Blogger you can share your expertise pretty much with the whole world and be recognized for it. This is one of the good features and one of the negative features would be blogs take away the feeling of finding things on your own and they are not always accurate. Jumping onto Facebook my second best social network because you can connect with pretty much the whole world and can talk to different people across the globe, but one of the negatives features about Facebook is you pretty much do not have privacy and you are vulnerable for people to scam you or something. We also have twitter and the good thing is you can communicate with celebrities and bad thing is it is also very addictive and you are constantly checking your updates. Google plus one of the new social networks which is a very unique and fun network to use but the bad thing is you can only join them by a friend invitation so you can join your friend’s circles. The last social network would be YouTube. If you like music every music video is there if you like funny videos there is a whole library full of funny videos that you can sit and enjoy, but the negative aspect of YouTube is that now it’s full of ad campaigns and upcoming commercials that slow down your computer and make not want to see the video. These are the five social networks that I will be covering on my word web presentation.
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