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By maugieh Oct 16, 2014 767 Words

In this task I used the South African Police Service to compile this task. I was required to make a list of newspapers and online media, compile a rating report in an appropriate format, compile a questionnaire and contact a research using this questionnaire then compile a research project. An also I was required to compile a list of online media for online media monitoring that I visited for compiling this project. The newspapers were used for this task were from national and regional and local same appliance online media, it’s because South African Police Service is national now I have to base more on national press. This task had its challenges as much as I learned a lot from it. Some of the challenges that I met included that having to collect information to use in compiling a research project. Some of the respondents seemed too busy to fill the questionnaires hence I had to keep remind them about the questionnaire, some were cooperated as they understand the importance of study.

The other challenge was that compiling a rating report for the newspaper articles in an appropriate format. I struggle to get how to compile that. On the other hand, this task helped me a lot and taught me how to carry out a research and how to compile a research report. It also taught me how to compile a questionnaire and rating report.

This task required me to compile a communication strategy, I also chose a SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE to compile a communication strategy. What I found in this task, I have to know my target audience; place, demographic and how the message is going to conveyed to relevant audience to avoid a waist time. The only challenge I had was that of describing the issue of strategy. However I learned how to appropriately compile a communication strategy for an organisation.

The requirement here was to compile a list of all print and online that should appear on the organisation of my choices ‘media contact list which is South African Police Service and media alert for the organisation that I selected. The challenge I faced in this task was that of searching for all print online media that could appear on the contact list of my organisation. Also learned how print media are available across the country and the days of the week available if I want issue the statement which print I should contact. TASK 4

This task required me to write down six newsletter articles for the organisation that had chosen which is South African Police Service. All of the articles were used here were falling under Ficksburg cluster as the different towns were used. The challenge I faced in this task was that of finding the appropriate personnel interview so as to write down a personnel profile. Other challenge was that to get relevant information from the organisation that was needed to compile the newsletters . On the other hand, this task helped me learn how to write a newsletter article in a correct format and how to conduct formally conduct interview. TASK 5

This is an event management task. It required me to prepare the checklists for different events. It also required me to compile programme impact assessment for the exhibition at the Rand Easter Show. This task challenged me in that I had to use the correct format to compile the checklists, but at last I able to understand and know how to prepare checklist for the different events.


In this task I chose ISSUE LOCAL NEWSPAPER to do a production as was required. I was exposed to layout and I learned how you design and prepare the layout of newspaper. And also to present communication strategy by using a Micro PowerPoint, using slide. The challenges that I had experienced here was that how to decide on which slides format to use. Also challenge that I faced is the time I learn a programme that used in the print media it was quite challenging because I suppose to know the programme how it works. I spent some quite time practicing and at the end of the day I able to design pages and place the photos own my own. Generally this whole exercise helped me to be exposed in the public relations area and know and understand the responsibilities of the public relations practitioner. Although this was very helpful, I encountered so many challenges when carry out this exercise, for which I learnt more from this PRECPRAC RESEARC PROJECT.

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