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Damon Loh
Assignment#2 - Disney

Business Assets

Walt Disney Company is an international entertainment company that can be divided into five business segments.

Television Broadcasting
The Walt Disney Company owns five cable networks, which include ESPN, Disney Channel, ABC Family, SOAPnet, and A&E Television Network. The company also owns eight television stations, and holds some shares of Hulu LLC.

Parks and Resorts
The Walt Disney Company owns theme parks and world resorts in major cities around the world, like Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, etc. For luxury travel, the company also owns various Disney-branded hotels, Disney vacation clubs, and a Disney cruise line.

Studio Entertainment (i.e. Motion Pictures/Broadway/Music)
Disney produces motion pictures and home entertainment under Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, and Marvel. Disney also helps finance and distribute for Dreamworks Entertainment in exchange for a distribution fee. Disney Music Group makes up all of Disney’s record labels/publishing companies, and Disney Theatrical Productions produces Disney’s Broadway shows.

Consumer Products
The Walt Disney company sells various licensed merchandise, such as stationary, toys, and food. Such products are sold in Disney-retail stores as well as third-party stores. The company also creates and distributes many different publications, ranging from children’s books to magazines to e-books.

Interactive Gaming/Media
This encompasses the various console and handheld games based on their popular film/television characters as well as their websites that distribute Disney-themed content.

Risk Factors

The Walt Disney Company lists multiple risk factors that can potentially affect the financial performance of the company’s various business operations.

Some of the broader risk factors include declining economic conditions and the various costly expenses of the company. Costly operations...

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