Media Selection

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Factors Influencing the Media Selection:
The problem of selection of the best medium or media for a particular advertiser will vary greatly, depending on the particular situation, circumstances and different other factors in which a person is conducting individual business. Media selection involves a basic understanding of the capabilities and costs of the major media. The problems which the advertising has to face in the selection of media are: 1. Profile of the target market

2. Coverage or exposure
3. Frequency
4. Continuity
5. Impact
6. Copy formulation
7. Media cost and media availability.
In addition to these problems there are a number of other major factors which influence the decision of the advertiser and therefore, the same must be considered while selecting the media. The most significant of these factors are: 1. Objectives of the campaign

2. Budget available
3. Research concerning client
4. The product
5. Type of message or selling appeal
6. Relative cost
7. Clutter
8. The potential market
9. Miscellaneous factors.
The media selecting decisions should be made by having a comprehensive understanding of these factors. But it should be kept in mind that in many cases it is the combination of these factors that determines the selection of media, and not any one individual factor. The Objectives of the Campaign

This factor is in some respects quite closely related to the preceding factor. In those cases when the advertiser uses a medium to advertise in an area where retail distribution is not adequate, his/her decision on media selection is influenced both by his/her distribution pattern and the objectives he/she has in mind. The objectives of the campaign also influence media selection from a somewhat different standpoint. An institutional advertising campaign may be run in a different media than would a product advertising campaign for the same company. In the case of product for which the dealer is very important in the ultimate sale to the consumer, and far more significant than the influence of consumer advertising, the advertiser may select media primarily for the effect the^will have on dealers. So, the objective of influencing dealers will be the prime factor in the selection of the medium to use. The Budget Available:

The advertising budget is concerned with two major decisions about how the advertising effort will be carried out. First, how much is to be spent for advertising in the coming period? Second,, how much budget is to be allocated to different areas within the company’s total sales territory? And how much budget be allocated for media? Because the budget determines the weight of advertising effort which is an important variable in determining the effectiveness of the entire advertising effort. The product might be one for which actual demonstration on TV would be highly desirable. Yet the advertiser would be unable to sponsor (or even cosponsor) such a programme because its cost would exceed the total advertising budget. The advertiser might believe it desirable to use a multi-colour advertisement in a magazine not only to reach desired prospects, but also to influence the trade favourably. But if he still finds that his budget does not permit even that type of ad in the magazine, then the advertiser must turn to a medium in which he can get sufficient participation or a sufficient schedule of insertions to achieve an effective programme. So the availability of funds must be considered in planning-and selection of media. Research Concerning the Clientele:

A factor that has become more significant is the number of people actually reached by a medium. More and more consideration is being given to the concept that the most significant aspect of coverage from the advertiser’s viewpoint is in terms of the total audience potential/This is indicated by the total number of readers of the print medium or total number of sets...
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