Media Representation

Topics: Feminism, Sociology, Feminist theory, Gender / Pages: 3 (721 words) / Published: May 14th, 2013
Media Representation 1
* To understand the mature of representations and stereotypes * Bea able to apply concepts learned to the relationship between representation and ideology as the apply to gender * Socially constructed : We construct the social
* Communication is achieved through shared signs and symbols e.g. language * The media communicate with their audiences through a process of representation by using familiar signs and symbols. * The media creates a representation of reality
Process of representation * The process of representation has several different aspects : a) Re-present event as “ natural” b) Focuses on a particular group c) Ideological in that it gives us images of how a particular group experiences the world, and how they should be understood by others

Define by O’sullivan et al (1995 p 126) * “A label which involves a process of categories and evaluation * “Representation of social groups * “In ideological term a means by which support is provided for one group’s differential treatment of another” * Barratt 1986 “blinkered mental attitude : the psychological study of stereotypes are more concerned with the origins of attitude, traditionally link of prejudice * Perkins (1979) sees it as a compressed or shorthand way of referring to complex social relationships. * STEREOTYPES ARE NEVER NEUTRAL, IT IS IDEOLOGICAL ; OFTEN DEPICTED AS “’NATURAL’
Representation Tool * According to Walter Lippmann (1956) stereotype is an effect vehicle of representation and the process can operate on different levels : - * An ordering process ( categorization to bring order to potential chaos) * A short – cut (simple and easily understood) * A means of referring to the world ( through recognition ) * - A means of expressing our values and belief ( linked to ideology)
Representation of gender * The meaning of gender

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