Media Relation Battle in the 2012 Presidential Campaign

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Media Campaign in the President Election

Table of Contents

1. General Background in Media Using1
President Barack Obama:1
Governor Mitt Romney:1
2. Communication Objective:2
Barack Obama: Maintain his Credibility among voters.2
Mitt Romney: People of America Need a New Rule2
3. Strategy:3
For President Obama3
For Governor Romney3
4. Media Tactics through the campaign4
Mainstream Media:4
News Media:4
TV Interview6
Presidential Debate7
Digital Media:9
Owned website:10
Social media11
In Sum:14
5.Transmit of Cloverleaf14
Model #1 Campaign Website:14
Model #2 Presidential Debate:15
Model #3 The 47% Incident:15
Traditional media coverage:16
Digital media engagement17
On the news media:17
On TV interview and debate18
On the digital media:18
In Sum:18

1. General Background in Media Using

President Barack Obama:

President Obama has his success in media harness. Back in 2007, he was just an anonymous senator from Illinois[1]. Yet a year later, he successfully turned himself from a little-known senator into the Democratic nominee and 6 months later became the 44th president of the United States after winning the election against Republican candidate John McCain. Deep inside, a major success factor for Obama’s victory was how Obama’s campaign used social media and technology as an integral part of its strategy, to raise money, and, more importantly, to develop a groundswell of empowered volunteers who felt they could make a difference. Obama’s political campaign involved with variety of social media platforms. We can easily connect to President through media like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Podcasting. By the year of 2012, Obama has more than 20 million (21,311,555) followers from twitter and more then 30 million fans (31,364,065) on Facebook. His influence continues to growing during his four years in White House. From the mainstream media (MSM) side, although under extensive criticizes against some of his policies, Obama still appeared to be a reliable leader with adorable charisma. He has demonstrated his excellent speech ability and innate leadership through numerous media events (interviews, press conferences and pubic speeches) during the tern. What we see on the screen and newspaper is a great man with confidence and courage to change the country, to better people’s life. From 2008 till now, Mr. President with his media group have shown a prominent management dealing with the mainstream media and that’s the reason for President’s constantly positive image on MSM.

Governor Mitt Romney:

Governor Romney built up his network about two years after President Obama. But he didn’t start to activate them into political campaign until he won the nominee for the republican. Learning from the 2008 campaign, Romney and his team pay extreme attention to the effect of social media. Mitt Romney set up his official websites and linked it to all of his social networks. Under their endurance effort, Governor Romney has built up a competitive community on social network. By Oct, Romney has more than 1million (1,580,043) followers on twitter and 10 million (10,742,837) fans on Facebook. It’s relative small comparing to his opponent, however it empower Romney with an equivalent platform that Obama has. Mitt Romney has been the governor for Massachusetts from 2003-2007 and made great contributions[2]. But apart from his political life, he is more recognized as a successful businessman to the general public. Alone with his glorious record being the CEO and cofounder of an investment company and the president of Olympic organizing committee, Mitt has known by his financial management skills and executive ability. Being criticized and an active provoker, he seems to be a...
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